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Though this year has been so tough for so many, we are so thrilled to finally share that through fundraising, clothing sales and an amazing pub night, we were able to raise over $10,000 last year to support 65 people in Entebbe, Uganda with food and medicine for the first 6 months of the pandemic and as of March 1, send 22 children to school. These are the children of the incredible and creative business women from Uganda.


We need to raise another $6500 to continue to support 22 children with their school bills, uniforms and daily meals. We don't believe this is a charity and do fully still stand by our motto of HAND UP, NOT HAND OUT. By providing school fees to the children, we support the women to continue to focus on their own creative career dreams! Educating a child is the fastest way to end generational poverty and help communities grow


We continue to accept funds through the donate section of our website, through purchasing clothing online or through e-transfers to Thank you * Webaly Nyo

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