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Our first fundraiser

Prakasa Co. exists solely on donations and sponsorships. Every dollar helps as we continue our work in educating and employing more women and getting their children off the streets and into classrooms. The goal for our first fundraiser, which took place on February 26, 2020 at Woodys Pub in Coquitlam BC, was to fundraiser enough to sponsor the education of the 19 children of our Women employed in Entebbe, Uganda.

The incredible community that surrounds Prakasa Co. constantly blows our mind. Even when we are working abroad, family, friends and strangers gathered together in our home city to fundraiser towards a common goal: continuing to empower women and get children off the streets and into schools!

Rebecca Guzzo organized and planned a spectacular night raising funds for the women and children of Uganda. With help from Sandra Babcock and donations from many supporters, we raised big funds and awareness!

Thank you to every single person who came out, donated and supported our mission. We are in awh of the love and support you constantly show us. We have so much love for you all and could not do it without your compassionate hearts alongside.

Thank you. Dhanyavaad. Webale Nyo!

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