Building women to be self sufficient

The women of Entebbe, Uganda are incredibly resilient as they battle through AIDS/HIV, poverty and raising their children as single mothers. Our mission is to build these women to become self-sufficient without the need of an abusive husband, prostitution, or living with their kids on the streets.


Uganda is the third poorest country in the world and with the lack of jobs and gender inequality, women have it hardest of all.

After completing a two month intensive sewing and business course, we continue to support the women through our hair scrunchie business. We sell them through our online store and in yoga studios, hair salons and boutique stores in Canada, America, Italy, Austria and India. We have sold 3,000.


Supporting women through Kimono sales

We teamed up with Blue Butterfly to support the women of Didi Bahini Boutique. The owner of the studio, Nirmala, brings together women from her village to train them in sewing so they can find work.


Prakasa led a one-month intensive sewing course to teach new techniques, garments and educate in business skills. 

We created a line of fashion Kimonos and support the women by selling them online. To date we have sold 100 kimonos which employs 4 women in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Vocational Training School

We will be teaching our sewing and small business courses year long at the new vocational training school opening Summer 2020 in Mohan Chatti, Uttarakhand funded and operated by Anand Mehrotra of Sattva Yoga Academy. 

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