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stillness & breath

You will be guided through 7 meditative practices including a follow up Q&A call. In this 8 week course you will learn how to guide yourself so you do not need to be dependant on a teacher or a class to gain inner calmness. This course empower YOU to take healing into your own hands. We gather to explore the unconscious and connect back to ourselves. We will journey into Kriya (movement), Mantra (affirmation repetition), Pranayama (breathwork) as well as the transcendental experiences of traditional Chakra Meditation, OSHO Meditation, Somatic meditations and more. Empowering ourselves with practical traditional meditations to continue our healing on the body, mind and spirit. Together We Rise

Wellness coaching

Let’s take a couple of deep breaths & tune out the world for just a moment… As you turn inward, ask yourself the following questions: What is your current state right now? Are you feeling like you want something more in life but you aren’t sure how to take the next step? Do you want to stop feeling like a robot, going through the daily motions, and feel more in control of your actions? Many people throughout their lives feel like something is missing. Believe it or not, while this is not abnormal, it can be remedied. Holistic wellness coaching can help you get unstuck and embark on a path that feels more aligned with who you want to be. Book 1 hour for $65 and begin your journey to better understanding yourself today!

yoga & mental health

Yogic techniques can help correct, shift, heal and elevate mental health conditions and imbalances. The intention of this course is to give insight into how you can support yourself in your own healing process or to be a greater support to someone who is struggling with mental health. This course is for social workers, counsellors, teachers, parents, support workers and anyone dealing with mental health struggles themselves. When the nervous system is imbalanced, very quickly do we feel anxiety and stress. We will share methods to restore, balance and address the concerns while working with the energies of the body, the koshas, the brain, the gut, the heart and the skull. We can use the bodies own natural resources and the neurochemicals that are in the brain naturally to treat a variety of mental health conditions. 

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