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Everyone has an inner light that shines, BUT due to our mindsets, childhood TRAUMA or situations out of our control, we aren’t able to shine as bright as we should. At Prakasa we empower you to connect back to your INNER light



Prakāśa, which translates to “light of consciousness” was birthed at the beginning of 2017. Nicole started this movement inspired by people around the world who were living in their pure inner authenticity. She decided she wanted to build a community that was creative, inspiring, expansive and transformational.


There are many ways that Prakāśa stands behind this mission: teaching yogic meditation techniques to calm the mind, interviewing and writing about inspiring and resilient women worldwide that are connected to their inner light, collaborating with existing organizations in India, Nepal, Uganda and Canada to teach empowerment skills as well as guiding tours around India for people who wish to expand & connect to their mind, body, soul.



Vancouver-area women empowering other women around the world

Twenty-nine-year-old fashion designer, Nicole Guzzo is working to help women in India, Nepal and Uganda by teaching them sewing and small business skills with her non-registered charity. “Educating a woman is the fastest way to end generational poverty and help grow communities,” says Guzzo.


Canadian woman creates organization that lifts women out of poverty

A Metro Vancouver woman is helping women halfway across the world by giving them the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.
Nicole Guzzo, the creator of  the organization Prakasa Co, began her mission back in 2017 when she hosted a sewing workshop in Vancouver


Empowered Women,

Empower Women

Help women become financially self-sufficient, so they can influence decision-making at home, support their children without feeling dependent on marriage, and break the cycle of poverty. Post training, women can create their own business, find work in a tailor shop, or work from home on contract basis.

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