Prakasa Co is a non-registered charitable organization working with women globally. The main objective is to enhance the quality of life of women through sewing training and small business skills. This will help them earn an income, become financially self-sufficient, alleviate the issues tied to poverty and help support their children without being dependent on toxic environments.


After completing sewing and small business training, women can create their own business, secure work in a tailoring shop or create work from home contracts to bring in an income. With the ability to generate an income, women take on a whole new role. They are better able to control resources, influence decision-making and bring change that has a lasting impact on their well-being, their children, and their communities.







Vancouver-area women empowering other women around the world

Twenty-nine-year-old fashion designer, Nicole Guzzo is working to help women in India, Nepal and Uganda by teaching them sewing and small business skills with her non-registered charity. “Educating a woman is the fastest way to end generational poverty and help grow communities,” says Guzzo.

Canadian woman creates organization that lifts women out of poverty

A Metro Vancouver woman is helping women halfway across the world by giving them the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.
Nicole Guzzo, the creator of  the organization Prakasa Co, began her mission back in 2017 when she hosted a sewing workshop in Vancouver

Empowered Women,

Empower Women

Help women become financially self-sufficient, so they can influence decision-making at home, support their children without feeling dependent on marriage, and break the cycle of poverty. Post training, women can create their own business, find work in a tailor shop, or work from home on contract basis.

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